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Dog Training Information Syracuse NY

Dog owners in Syracuse should know that housetraining is a time consuming process that involves using a crate to teach your puppy to go outside. Crate training does this by keeping him confined to a space you know he won’t use the restroom in until you are free to let him outside to do his business.

Syracuse Obedience Training Club
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PO Box 3457
Syracuse, NY
sweet trick! positive dog training
(914) 272-7728
Tarrytown, NY
Dog Training, Dog Behavior Specialists, Clicker Training
My business is fairly new, but I have been studying behavioral science, learning theory, and working with both companion and rescue dogs for the past 2 years.
I am a graduate of Peaceable Paws Intern Academy Level 1, and will be graduating Level 2 in August 2010. I am currently working toward certification as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer

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Companion Dog Training SM
(516) 775-3502
P.O. Box 99
Baldwin, NY

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Anthony Jerone's School of Dog Training and Career INC
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16-05 Francis Lewis Blvd
Whitestone, NY

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Throggs Neck Dog Training
(646) 281-4790
Bronx, NY
Dog Training
1 year and 4 months
Certified by Animal Behavior College. Received my internship with Biscuits and Bath in NYC. Volunteer of ASPCA in NYC and Elmsford Animal Shelter in Westchester NY.

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All Dawgs Training Services
(518) 831-9192
PO Box 818
Cobleskill, NY
Dog Training
Over 10 years
Certified Pet Dog Trainer, Therapy Dog International evaluator, AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator

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Dog Walking Made Easy
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East Village
New York, NY

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Center For Heeling
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34 Laura Dr
New Paltz, NY
Dog Training
30 years
APDT # 75687 ITC graduate May 2009

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The Confident K-9
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3 Harbor View Lane
Huntington, NY

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ABC's of Dog Training
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East Elmhurst, NY

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Dog Training Information

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Adopting a puppy is a big responsibility in one’s life. Puppies need your attention, time, energy, love and commitment. One of the first biggest tests of your responsibility as a pet owner is housebreaking. You have to teach your dog to do its business in the appropriate place and to be able to hold it when you aren’t available to let him outside to potty.

Housetraining is a time consuming process that involves using a crate to teach your puppy to go outside. Crate training does this by keeping him confined to a space you know he won’t use the restroom in until you are free to let him outside to do his business.

To start off, you have to teach your puppy to love his crate. His crate should be his safe place and a reminder of only good things to him. Do this by giving him treats when he is in the crate and praising him for going in the crate.

Every day, you should keep him in his crate for a larger block of time. You can start off with a puppy going in their crate for an hour and add an hour every day or week, depending on how well he takes to the crate training. As soon as you let him out of the crate, you should take him outside to use the restroom and praise him when he does. As you get further and further into the crate training process, you will eventually be able to leave him in the crate for hours on end without there being a problem and then after he masters the crate, you can leave him loose in the house without worrying about whether or not he’ll have an accident.

By repetition and continually keeping your dog crated for increasing periods of time, he will learn that he can keep his business to a regular schedule, he can hold it in and that he has appropriate areas to go to the restroom and inappropriate areas he is not allowed to use the restroom in.

Crate training is the most effective process that canine behaviorists can recommend to pet owners to keep their dogs from doing their business in the home. The method allows a pet owner to train their dog when and where to go and how to hold it.

This method, however, does not teach an animal how to potty on command. An animal is an animal and you or I or your dog can’t control when they have to go. Thinking you can train your dog to potty on command is pretty silly. What you should be doing instead is training your dog where it is acceptable to potty and to hold it in when you are not around to take him out. The other part of this commitment is being there to take him out and making sure he gets plenty of outdoor time to use the restroom. Instead of making unrealistic training goals for your dog, train him in the ways that you can and put in the commitment he deserves from a loving owner.

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